Courses in Advertising Include Objectives of Advertising

Business Management College or institute for advertising offers various Courses in Advertising. Many students are going for it because of its high scope. But few of them know the objectives of Advertising. So, let us discuss today about the objectives of advertising which you may study in Advertising courses.

The advertising’s objectives imply the communication tasks to be accomplished. During a defined time frame, these tasks are directed towards particular customers that an organization is trying to reach. An organization involves in advertising activities, strives to achieve one (at least)of the four common objectives of advertising, that are: continuity, trial, switchback and brand switching.

Trial Objective

The purpose of this objective is to encourage customers to make an initial purchase of a new product which has been revealed in the market. During product launch, organizations deploy creative ad strategies so that they can stay ahead in the competition. Trial objective of the ad campaign should be given more attention in order to invite targeted customers.

Continuity Objective

Continuity is the next objective which is a typical strategy to keep current customers to stick to the same product. To keep the customers engaged the company usually provides different and new information about the product which is designed to develop brand loyalty.

Brand Switching


Brand switching is the third objective which is one of the widely employed objective of advertising. When companies want customers to switch to their brand from their competitors brand then this technique is adopted. Brand switching strategy requires a convincing communication so that the mindset of the customer is changed.



Switchback objective is the last but not the least brand. It is another strategy used by brand owners and advertisers to win back their former customers. For this, a particular company may highlight some new features about the product, discount of price and provide useful information about the product to attract back their former customers.

Newspaper Advertising Ideas You Can Use

Newspaper advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising. Today newspaper advertising has come a long way and uses advanced techniques and mechanisms to print good quality ads. Previously newspaper advertising was the only medium of advertising then came TV commercials, hoardings, internet advertising, SMS advertising, etc. newspaper advertising is also the cheapest form of advertising and can reach out to many people.

Even today newspaper advertisements are most trusted by people and are widely acclaimed. newspaper advertisement service is used by both small scale local firms as well as large scale international business. In newspaper advertisements there are a few sub types like:

– Employment adverts: This section publishes all employment related ads. These ads carry all the details like interview date, minimum qualification, etc. The ads here may be posted by the employer as well as person who is seeking a job can post his bio-data here.

– Business ads: This section consists of all ads related to small business and manufacturers etc. Franchise, or business deal ads, business take over bids, business proposals, and all other business related adverts are published in this section.

– Matrimonial ads: In this section the ads are posted by soon to grooms or soon to be brides and their respective families. Many a time these matrimonial ads are posted by match making or matrimonial organizations. Brides and grooms from various castes, religions, background, etc post them here.

– Educational ads: In this section ads of new courses started by institutes are published. This section is completely dedicated to education related ads. All the institutes and various colleges inform students about the admission date, the stating date, the admission procedure and criteria, fees, etc through the ads that get published in this section of the newspaper.

– Property ads: All ads related to sale, buy, rent, lease of commercial as well as residential plots and properties are displayed under this section. These ads may be posted by a real estate agent or directly by the seller or the buyer. All the ads also have contact details of the person posting the ad as well as a detailed location of the place that is up for sale is mentioned. Many builders also post ads in this section to market their new project and inform the readers about it.

– General ads: This section has general ads like used cars, used machinery, computers, mobiles, etc. Even adverts of yoga institutes, gym, dance classes, etc. come under this section.

All the above mentioned categories generally have local advertisements. These are usually small in size and are black and white in colour.

Commercial ads:

These are the adverts posted by big companies and brands. These are sometimes even full page promotions. These ads are costlier as compared to others. These are colourful ads and also have photos or graphical representation in them. They are priced on per sq cm basis.

The Only Benefits of Advertising is Building My Brand Image

There is a misconception that the only benefit that advertising has to offer to the products and services of certain company is only building a brand image. Well, let me give an insight to this notion and let us try to correct this.
First and foremost, let us define the term brand. According to the definition of American Marketing Association or AMA, the term “brand” is a name, term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of them planned to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.

At this point in time, the competition is getting serious in getting the right customers through various advertising techniques as exemplified in paid advertisements. Day by day, the number of companies and web entrepreneurs contest for consumers’ attention and trust. As a consequence, it is very significant to center in building brand image but this is not the end. There are a lot of other benefits of advertising that can be best achieved even if there is no focus on brand advertising.

There are various forms of advertising that does not only put up a brand image but also do advocacy advertising, comparative advertising, cooperative advertising, direct-mail advertising, informational advertising, institutional advertising, billboard or outdoor advertising, reminder advertising, Point of Purchase Advertising and Specialty advertising.

One of the prime benefits of advertising is building a brand image. On the other hand, it is not just the only benefit of advertising for the reason that branding is not merely letting your product or brand be renowned to the community but instead it makes use of advertising that convinces your intended consumers to pick and choose your product over wide array of competitors. Branding is more precise for the reason that it is a form of advertising that is developed towards getting your prospects see and accepts you as the sole provider of their diverse needs and wants. In order to accomplish something in the field of branding, you must be conscious of your potential customers’ needs, wants and even weaknesses and strengths.

The purposes for a good and excellent brand are the following :

Firstly, it gives a clear and direct message – In the realm of brand advertising, only one brand is advertised or promoted. There is direct recall when a brand is advertised in a clear and direct way to the main point.

Second, it reinforces credibility and reliability. Being able to put up a brand is one of the ways in creating and strengthening the credibility and reliability status of your company.

Third, there is a build up of emotional connection. A creation of on the spot emotional connection will be an effect to customer approval as well as loyalty once a buyer is able to trust and believe in the brand being advertised.