Tips for Advertising on ATM Receipts

Ask any marketing or advertising manager and they’ll tell you: advertising isn’t easy. Consumers can be fickle; their media habits unpredictable. Our society has become so inundated with irrelevant ads that we’ve learned to tune them out. And, while consumer attention wanes, media costs escalate, making advertising on a large scale unaffordable for most marketers.

The Advantages of ATM Advertising

Well, advertising doesn’t have to be so challenging. Not for independent ATM deployers (IADs) and financial institutions (FIs), anyway. The ATM provides such marketers with one of the most attractive advertising vehicles available. It’s like an outdoor billboard, a TV, a computer, and a direct mail delivery device all wrapped up in one.

In addition, ATMs offer:

  • access to often difficult to reach target demographics,
  • the customers’ undivided attention when their mind is on money, and
  • advertising costs that are a fraction of traditional media.

Who Uses ATM Advertising

The synergy between ATMs and FIs is too obvious to overlook. It’s the perfect outlet for banks and credit unions to drive brand awareness, or cross-promote pertinent products to a captive audience when banking is top-of-mind.

But, by no means are the advertising opportunities exclusive to financial institutions. Given the large, and growing network of IADs, ATMs have become a far more common way for people to obtain their money. And their placement within high traffic areas, and proximity to high interest retail stores, broadens the scope of potential advertisers to include almost anybody.

The key for IADs is determining how to package, price, and sell their media space to potential advertising clients and their agencies. Media efficiency should be a strong selling point as the ATM offers one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise to a highly targeted audience.

Types of ATM Advertising

There are many ways to advertise through an ATM. At its most basic level, the device itself can act like a billboard, delivering a message to everyone who passes by.

Another option is to use the monitor screen to deliver an ad message at a time when you have a customer’s complete and undivided attention. For instance, a FI may wish to deliver credit card offers to people with certain financial qualifications.

A third option is advertising on the ATM receipt. Most customers request a receipt and carry it with them in their wallet or purse for future reference, giving the ad message longevity. Receipt ads also offer the ability to distribute a coupon or promotional offer which can later be redeemed. This feature provides advertisers with a mechanism through which to measure their return on investment, something that is far more difficult to do with other forms of media.

The Efficiencies of ATM Advertising

The cost to advertise on an ATM will depend on the type of ad you want to run and the location of the machine. High traffic sites will draw a higher price, as will locations catering to certain demographics

The most efficient, and arguably most effective, form of ATM advertising is delivered on the receipt. This is because ATM paper is essentially a sunk cost for the operator, and the cost of custom printing is nominal. So, the incremental expense to custom print an ad on the back of a receipt is marginal compared to what the operator would already have to pay for stock paper.

On average, the incremental cost to custom print an ad on the back of stock paper can run as low as $6.25 per roll. And each roll can deliver approximately 6,250 advertising impressions. That’s a $1 CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions, the standard unit for measuring media). As you can see below, a $1 CPM is much lower than you’ll find among any of the more traditional media channels.

Advertising CPM* Comparison

Network TV: $28

Print: $17

Cable: $12

Radio: $10

Out-Of-Home: $5

Online: $2

Custom ATM Receipts: $1

*A CPM is the approximate cost to deliver 1,000 advertising impressions to a specified audience.

In addition to media efficiency, advertisers will also want to know how effective ATM advertising can be. Custom printed receipt ads are the easiest to measure a response against as the advertiser can supply something tangible for the customer to redeem. According to leading manufacturers, ATM advertisers have achieved response rates of 10 percent and higher for their campaigns, far exceeding the 1-2 percent success rates of most direct mail campaigns, and at little-to-no incremental cost.


ATM advertising is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways for FIs to deliver a custom ad message to a highly specified target audience. It is also an excellent way for IADs to bring in additional revenue for their network of machines.

Advertising Courses – An Effective Means to Project Your Creativity!

All of us know what advertising is! We are always watching them on televisions, in newspapers, on big hoardings and billboards, on the internet etc. But why is advertising so important and can businesses really do without advertising their goods and services? The simple answer to this is a big ‘No’. Until and unless the products and services of a company are not advertised and made available to the general public, consumers will never know about the brand. It is the only medium through which businesses become successful, sales increase and a small company becomes a big brand name. Proper and effective advertising is a must to gain recognition in the local as well as international market. And field of advertising in India as well as courses in advertising is growing rapidly; since India offers unique, effective and responsible ads at very cheap rates.

But how can organizations deliver the best ads that can make a place in the consumer’s minds and hearts? Of course by hiring professional ad agencies who offer services of preparing effectual and striking ads! These ad agencies are always on the lookout for qualified individuals who have done a programme in advertising or a programme in graphic design from a reputed institute. Advertising is an art that requires immense creativity, imagination and visualization ideas. And various designs institutes India, offer courses in advertising and graphic design and programmes in visual communication both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Most of these courses are tailored in a way to meet the specific demands of the growing advertising sector. Students are made to work on projects that include design creation, design planning and their implementation and the method of working on different strategies and ideas. The curriculum is structured in way that facilitates students to become top notch professional in the field of advertising. This profession is in great demand since businesses cannot do without advertising; and more and more ad agencies are hiring qualified and creative professionals to keep up with the demands of the industry. Usually students who pass out after completing a programme in advertising or programme in graphic design usually get opportunities in the field of advertising (Print, Electronic, Web & New Media), Graphic Design, Publishing houses, Architectural, Exhibition, design studios, ad agencies Retail Design and TV Media and even as a freelancer. This is a creative and glamorous field with high paying jobs and great potentiality to enhance your career goals. Recognition is also achieved fast if you can make a name for yourself as a good and creative advertiser or ad director. Some renowned institutes also offer a specialized degree programme from UK after completion of an intermediate course in advertising and design.

So if you think you have the potential in you to create effective and meaningful ads that can take the world by storm; join a programme in advertising and make your dreams into a reality!

11 Ways to Get the Success in Advertising

1) In a competitive society or in a capitalistic country like ours, advertisements are a necessity. Factories mass-produce goods, shops and firm sell them. The advertisement of the goods is meant to attract a wide variety of customers to buy them. The production of goods without quick sale is to no purpose.

2) We have different kind of advertisement to promote sales. Advertisement gives information about new products, about health and safety is called informative advertisement. Informative advertisement informs consumers about the range of goods and services available to them.

3) The kind of advertisement that persuades peoples to buy thing is called persuasive advertisement. Persuasive advertisement is directed to consumers who do not need to buy products very much. However, through effective advertisement they are brought round to buy them. Then there is deceptive advertisement. Deceptive advertising makes peoples believe products or goods to better then they are. When customers buy the products, then they realize that the deceptive played upon them, which makes the products unpopular. When persuasive advertising becomes deceptive, the results are often negative.

4) We look at the innumerable posters, notices, small boards and hoardings, huge boards on the outside of buildings and banners for advertisement at road crossings and street corners or in busy public places. At night the advertisement are well lit, and they seems to add glamour to the areas around. However, the large hoardings or billboards with pictures and slogans only block the view of natural scenery and restrict openness. They interfere with driving and excite passions unnecessarily. The race for better presentation of goods and services on the roadsides is at the coast of the citizens’ peace of mind and social safety.

5) In any case, advertisement is something of a necessity in the modern world of competition and conflicts. Firstly, they introduce the new products to the general public; for example, the public comes to know readily of some new medicines for diseases, effective techniques of constructing houses through companies having specialized knowledge. Availability of new method of teaching and unusual educational arrangements, new and useful fertilizers and equipment for agriculture that can add very rapidly to agricultural production.

6) The government advertises its schemes and policies to inform the public and to make it participate in them. It has advertised in the past its new housing plans, saving schemes, educational policies, issue of identity card etc. from off and on.

7) Advertisement in newspapers for job in government departments and private organizations are highly useful. They help the offices and agencies to get readily trained manpower from the public. They help the educated public to get jobs and production centers through newspaper advertisements.

8) The education private sector mostly depends on advertisement and publicity to attract students to educational institute. The huge posters, billboards and newspaper ad provide information about courses and studies in different school and colleges. Parents send their children’s to institutions of their choice as they find it convenient and affordability. This help in the spread of education and promotion of culture.

9) Advertising of cigarettes, undesirable dress, expensive food, harmful soft drink and the time wasting games should be discouraged. Cosmetic and items of make-up that cause waste of time and money and also negative effect on the health should not be put up at public places. Any advertisement that effect health and character negatively and helps develop bad habits should immediately be disallowed by the government.

10) The advertisement who misinform the public about their products and services and about those of their competitors should be tried in court of law and punished. There should be strict law for this, which carefully and forcefully implemented.

11) Advertisement should be developed as an art that pleases and inform the peoples rightly about the best products and services. It should be not misused for popularizing of defective or expensive industrial goods, expensive luxuries, foreign products and even publications that can be harm full to the people in any way.

Conclusion: Advertisement has become our need. For launch new products we have to advertise that product. And then that product will start running if that product has some quality.